All Aboard Club runs inclusive train-play sessions for autistic, ADHD and SEND children, where they can build their confidence, develop their social skills and just be themselves.

We provide a safe, understanding and supportive environment for the children to enjoy their trains.

They can run the trains, build the track, and sort out any problems. They have boxes and boxes of trains, track, tunnels and bridges to choose from.

Parents are often surprised by how relaxed, focused and calm their children are during our 2-hour play sessions.

What a joy it is to have discovered the All Aboard Club. Our son has found a place where he can truly be himself and immerse himself in his beloved trains.

It has been wonderful to see his confidence and self-assurance grow with each visit and to know that he is in a safe space free from judgement or expectations.

He always comes away happy - and so do we

See a session in action

What happens at a session?

My son, 9 diagnosed with ASD/PDA can be challenging but what a change comes over him at the club events. All the anxiety seems to drain out of him, and instead of seeing everything in life as a demand, he sees a huge, clear space he can build his dream train track in.

And the reaction of the other children on the spectrum is priceless. I've never seen a meltdown, only a quiet, communal meeting of minds. They seem to just "get" each other.

We understand

Many of the All Aboard Club staff and volunteers have lived experience of autism and ADHD, or have professional experience with children with special educational needs. We have designed our child-led play sessions to reduce the children’s sensory and social challenges, and allow them to play together.

The other parents understand, too. So everyone at our play sessions will be accepting and supportive of your child, their needs and behaviour.

Our trains

At our play sessions, we have huge Tomy Trackmaster train sets which the children can build and play with.

Some of the trains are based on the “Thomas the Tank Engine” characters. Others are modern trains like Eurostars and Japanese bullet trains. The children can help themselves to dozens of different engines, carriages and trucks.

They can make up different trains, or just take their favourite engine around the track. The locomotives are battery-powered with a simple on/off switch which the children can operate.

All our trains are checked before each session and comply with safety regulations.

WOW, we were blown away by the well-organised, inclusive session. The track layout was jaw-dropping and the children played happily alongside each other with the trains. We came away feeling we’d experienced something very special.

The session was invaluable for both my grandson and daughter - thank you from a very grateful grandma.

Frequently asked questions

We welcome autistic, ADHD and SEND children of any age, whether they have a formal diagnosis or not. You don’t need an invitation or a referral. Just book your tickets and come along. Most of the children at our events are aged between 4 and 11, but we also have older children who enjoy their trains.

We run play sessions in community/church halls, schools, and museums – anywhere with a large room. We have exclusive use of the venue, and ensure that sensory challenges are minimised as much as possible.

All Aboard Club is run by autism and ADHD professionals who completely understand the children’s sensory issues. We try to keep the noise levels as low as possible, and reduce other sensory challenges as much as possible. We also have noise-reducing headphones which you can borrow. 

No, you can come at any time you like. We know how difficult it can be to get out of the house, so please don’t rush.

Yes, of course. Some children come for just 20 minutes, others stay for the whole 90 minutes. Whatever suits you best.

We totally understand children’s need to stim. It shows that they are excited or trying to focus. The other children and parents at our play sessions also understand this, and will be very accepting and supportive.

We offer a FREE ticket for families who want to try out our play sessions for the first time. If you want to come back, tickets are £12 or £8 for each child – you choose how much you want to pay. Parents and carers are always free, but you must stay with your children for the whole session.

Contact us, we’ll be happy to answer it.