Events for everyone

Autistic and ADHD children can find conventional stay-and-plays or group activities stressful because of sensory overwhelm.

As well as providing play sessions in your setting, we can also train your staff in how to make your existing offerings more accessible for neurodivergent children.

From understanding needs and setting up the physical space, through to communication methods and use of language, we can help you ensure your events are as inclusive as possible.

Why should you get our training?

You and your staff will leave our training session with:

  • More knowledge about autistic and ADHD children and their needs
  • More confidence around how to meet these needs in your setting
  • A plan for making your next event more inclusive

Why train with All Aboard Club?

Experience and expertise

We’ve been running and refining these sessions since 2018 and we know they work.

Knowledge and empathy

Our founder and many of our team members have personal or professional experience with autism, ADHD and special educational needs.

Track record (pardon the pun)

We have put on sessions for a range of schools and other organisations and always get great feedback.

Your training package

Every workshop we deliver is tailored to the needs of your organisation. Get in touch below to discuss your training package.

Frequently asked questions about our training

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