All Aboard Club runs inclusive train-play sessions for autistic, ADHD and SEND children, where they can build their confidence, develop their social skills and just be themselves.

By providing child-led play sessions, the children can share their interest in trains with their peers and develop ways to play together. They build their confidence to take on new and challenging tasks, working with other children who they may not have met before.

Parents regularly comment on their child’s focus, patience and teamwork with other children at our sessions.

"All Aboard Club is amazing. When my son was diagnosed with ASD I felt overwhelmed, intimidated and often disappointed by the classes on offer for his age group. They didn’t cater for his social anxiety/interests and I felt devastated we couldn’t find a good fit for our son.

All Aboard Club is inclusive, super fun, incorporates his passions and encourages his social communication skills in a gentle way. My son is always happier and more relaxed after the sessions, and can’t wait to return. It provides a nice break for the parents, too!"

Our story

All Aboard Club was set up by Richard Semmens in 2018, using his personal lived experience of autism and ADHD. It was originally called Engine Shed South London and became All Aboard Club in 2022.

“Following my autism diagnosis in 2015, I realised that there are few opportunities for autistic children to play together in the same way as other children.

They needed a space where their sensory and environmental challenges could be accommodated, and their autistic behaviour would be accepted and understood. I created a small community group to run local events in a local youth club in south London.

From these initial sessions, we learnt from the parents and children about the importance of their special interest in trains, and how it can unlock their potential. The children can then develop their social and communication skills, their independence and their sense of identity.”

All Aboard Club has grown, and we now run our play sessions in venues across London and Surrey. We work with schools and other organisations that support autistic and ADHD children. We also offer training for venues like children’s centres who want to make their events more SEND-friendly.

Our next ambition is to spread All Aboard Club further across the country by recruiting franchisees.

Not for profit

All Aboard Club is a social enterprise, which means we exist to make an impact, not a profit. Any money we do make goes back into the organisation to make it bigger and better.

We are grateful to our funders, who enable us to keep running our sessions so autistic and ADHD children have a place to be themselves and enjoy themselves.

Our partners

We’ve worked with a wide range of organisations to provide inclusive events for autistic children and their families. If your organisation is interested in collaborating with us, please get in touch.

Get involved

Do you know an autistic, ADHD or special needs child who loves trains? Find out more about our play sessions and book your place.

Would you like to support our work? Learn more about volunteering with us or make a donation.