Where Autistic, ADHD and SEND children can be themselves and have fun.

Our play sessions

Our play sessions help children thrive in an environment where they are understood.

At All Aboard Club, Autistic, ADHD and SEND children share their special interest in trains. They create, connect and collaborate in an environment designed especially for them.

Find out where your nearest session is and what it will be like by clicking the button.

"It is the only group activity my son can access (everything else he accesses requires one to one assistance) and the only activity he asks to go to.

Coming to All Aboard Club enriches his life enormously, and we very rarely miss a session. We have even booked holidays around it. He writes on our kitchen calendar when the sessions are, and counts down the days."

We're a social enterprise

We’re on a mission to create more play spaces for autistic, ADHD and SEND children and to help other settings become more inclusive.

We are able to do this partly thanks to funding from generous donors. Any profits we make go back into the organsiation, helping us grow and bring joy to more children.

"When my son was diagnosed with ASD I felt overwhelmed, intimidated and often disappointed by the classes on offer for his age group. They didn’t cater for his social anxiety/interests and I felt devastated we couldn’t find a good fit for our son.

The All Aboard Club is inclusive, super fun, incorporates his passions and encourages his social communication skills in a gentle way. My son is always happier and more relaxed after the sessions, and can’t wait to return. It provides a nice break for the parents too :)"

Birthday parties

Give your child a party where they can share their love of trains with friends.

Plenty of track and trains and All Aboard team members to set it up and pack it away again.

Their special day can feel calmer with support from people who understand their needs.


All Aboard has partnered with all sorts of organisations to bring our trains and support to even more children. From schools to steam powered railways, we’ve chuffed all over the place.

Could your setting be next?

"Freddy is so relaxed there and he just has a wonderful time. He doesn't get overwhelmed there and his confidence has improved.

He has been sharing so nicely with his sister as well now since coming to the sessions."


Our trains simply wouldn’t run without our amazing volunteers. And as we grow, we’ll need more.

Could you be our next team member?